Louisa Harding – Amitola

From now on my blog will be in English. I want to be able to inspire as many people as possible with my work and feel like this might be difficult in Dutch.


One thing that I’ve been working on recently is a new yarn that arrived in our shop last week. Amitola is a self-striping yarn of the brand Louisa Harding with great and surprising colors. With 80% merino wool and 20% silk it has a warm and soft wooly feeling with a natural shine. Although it is a single ply yarn, it is fairly strong and does not skew.

When I first saw the yarn I wanted to make something that could be made out of one ball wool – 50 gram. But when I was working with it, I realised that my arm warmers would become really long if I wanted to use all the yarn. So I decided to make 2 pairs, one long pair of 23,5cm and a short pair of 15,5 cm. I still have 1/5th of the ball left.


I think this yarn is great to make things of you wear on a daily basis since it is such a casual yarn. You won’t feel like you have to put it under a glass bell and wait for the special moment to wear them. There are many many colors available so there is always something that looks appealing to you. We have ordered color 113 and 117 but hope to have more colors in the future.

I surely enjoy knitting with this yarn and can’t wait to buy different colors. I’m also very curious about the results when crocheting and will test it out soon!

DSC01019-2 - kopie

If you are interested to buy these arm warmers or the yarn they are available on my etsy:





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