Partly knit and crochet wrist warmers


As most of you know I love making wrist warmers. Last year I brought out a pattern of my own for hand knit wrist warmers with beads and decided that there was still more room to improve and adjust.

I’ve been working on a new pattern, which is not yet finished unfortunately, which is half knit and half crochet. A lot of people have been asking for a 100% crochet pattern, but I have not been able to make one to my liking. Trust me, I’ve tried multiple times.

Check out my original pattern here


For the new pattern I tried out multiple yarns. Although it is still lovely in the yarns of my first pattern, Yumi and Hikaru, I wanted to show that also other yarns can be used.

The prototype however, which I am already wearing on the picture above, was made in Yumi grey. I chose 2 yarns that were matching in thickness with the Hikaru yarn: Ayumi and Aika.

Ayumi is our most historical looking yarn, a silk, ramie and wool blend. It is less soft then the other yarns but a lot stronger and is often used for socks.

Aika is a 100% baby alpaca yarn, which is incredibly soft but less elastic. I will wear the first pair I make and try out if they need elastics on the bottom.

I have to say that I don’t really like working with the Ayumi yarn. I feel like it doesn’t glide from my needle as smooth as the others. The advantage is that when working with double pointed needles you don’t really have to worry about the needle sliding out of your work. So no picking up all those stitches!

But of course I’m spoiled because of working with only cashmere, yak, merino and silk for so long.

I am still working on the pair made of Aika. I have a weakness for alpaca yarn since I only spin with alpaca fibres. Also it dyes so beautifully! The colours will stay a lot softer than when you dye wool or silk but still more bright then when you dye plant fibres. The yarn I’m working with today was dyed with madder



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