Washing baby alpaca wrist warmers – Aika madder dyed

DSC01983-2As I mentioned in my last blog, I made these wrist warmers in our yarn Aika, which is a 100% baby alpaca yarn. Last time you could only see the yarn, here are some finished pictures! What I love most about knitting with hand dyed yarns is that the colours are alive. If you look closely at my stitches you will notice that there are slight colour variations in the yarn.


Because the yarn wasn’t rinsed after dyeing it felt like there was still some dust from the madder in it. It wasn’t rinsed because the longer the dye is on the fiber, the better the colour will stay. When I washed the gloves after making them, the colour of the water showed me that I was right. Now I just have to wait until they are dry to see if they are now softer.


For washing I used hot water, but not too hot that you can’t put your hands in it anymore. I added about 1,5 teaspoons of Ecovert wool wash, but noticed while washing them that that might have been a bit too much. I left the wrist warmers in the water for about 20 minutes, without moving them. After that I rinsed them in about the same warmth water as it was in the end, to avoid felting. Rolled them out in a towel and now they’re flat drying.



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