Fair Fashion Festival Rotterdam – Eco friendly brides

Tomorrow (Saturday the 17th) is the fair fashion festival in Rotterdam and my mother and I will be participating! We’ve been focusing on eco friendly brides this time and made some amazing progress in the last few weeks.

Fair Fashion Festival Rotterdam - Eco friendly brides
The linen dress my mother made, the tule band around the waist is recycled and can be removed after the wedding. Also the shoulder piece can be removed. This way you will still have a beautifully made linen dress you can wear casually left!
My mother has been working on recycled and/or natural dresses and I made accessories. Both are designed so that they can still be worn more casually after your wedding, so they don’t go to waste after one day wearing. Read more about my mothers work for this festival on her blog here.

Wrist warmers 100% cashmere hand knit
The wrist warmers were not fully dry yet, but I still wanted to make a picture to give an idea of what I’ve been working on!
Next to the wrist warmers I already made before I made some new ones of 100% cashmere in a natural white. I embroidered them with our grey yak and silk yarn Yumi. They are incredibly soft and elastic! I love knitting with this yarn, it is also available on our Etsy here .

Hand woven hand spun alpaca scarf
One of the first “photoshoots” of my crafts! This is my favorite picture 🙂
I also made another woven scarf of handspun Dutch alpaca. I combined Graziella’s fleece (17,8 micron) and Dolce Vita’s fleece (17,0 micron) and some recycled sari silk ribbon. Qun helped me make some pictures with my camera! I am testing how I want my photo’s to look and if I want to make them or be the model myself. I am quite happy with how these turned out and we will make some more pictures of wrist warmers later.

Another picture of me with the scarf I made. The scarf is about 24 cm’s wide and 210 cm’s long (without fringe)
The scarf will be priced at €179,95 and the wrist warmers at €59,95 all of the other wrist warmers will also be €59,95 for the day. After that they will be available at our Etsy shop!

Read more about my pricing methods in my last blog here!


2 thoughts on “Fair Fashion Festival Rotterdam – Eco friendly brides

  1. Mooie foto’s Caitlin en ik ga nog op zoek naar de wrist warmers die ik graag bij jou wil bestellen. Maar de volgende winter is gelukkig nog ver weg……………….

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