Crewel embroidery on knitted wrist warmers!

Crewel embroidered wrist warmers

I’ve been working on some new wrist warmers and they are now my favorite ones to make! The pattern for the wrist warmers themselves is so easy and relaxing to do. The first 25 rounds are just a knit 3 purl 1 repeat and the other 33 rounds are just straight knitting. The ultimate zen-knitting project! Also it is a nice small project to take anywhere with you. In about 8 hours knitting you are almost finished. You’ll only need to finish it up with a nice crochet border and if you want to, you can make some crewel embroidery on them however you want.

Embroidery on knitting

This is for me when the fun part begins. The designs I make are mostly improvised on the go. Since this knitting work is really tight you can do some finer embroidery.

In the pictures shown I used some of our yarn Yumi. The grey yarn is one of the natural colors and the red/pink one is plant dyed with madder. This is a silk and yak blend lace yarn, but you can use whatever thin yarn you have left over. We also sell small embroidery skeins; check out our Etsy here!

DSC02310-2 - kopie.png

We’ve also been making some new pictures. The dress was made by my mother and she wants to make more clothes like this on order (you can contact her by sending an email to The scarf is the same scarf as in the pictures on my previous blog. We tried going for a more romantic style picture as opposed to the more fashion pictures we made before.


We also made a test picture with a wall as background, which I also like a lot. Only the picture is not as sharp as I wanted it to be… We will make some more pictures later.

I’ve also started a new project which you can see more about on Instagram at the moment. I hope I can show the finished sweater in my next blog!


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