Komodo skirt remake – How I try to keep my wardrobe eco friendly

For the last 2 weeks I have been working on so many small projects. I finished some things I had been working on for a while now and I started some new projects. I fininally finished my second handspun sweater!

Handspun alpaca sweater
The brown sweater you might have seen before. This is still my favorite one, but I do also love the one I just finished! The fleece was a lovely 16.0 micron from an alpaca named Applause.

One of my projects was really exiting for myself since it required 2 sorts of handcrafts that I don’t have a lot of experience with. I bought this skirt of the fairfashion brand Komodo at a lovely store called Kuyichi and friends in Den Bosch and was directly in love with it! I loved it so much that as soon as I got home I got out our sewing machine, traced the pattern on our linen fabric and made myself a second one. Next day I had a very long, silent day at work and I did some crewel embroidery on it. I absolutely LOVE the end result. If it wasn’t in the laundry right now I would’ve had better pictures but you get the idea! – Besides I just had to wear it right away.

Crewel embroidery on skirt
Whenever I do some sort of embroidery, it’s crewel embroidery. I just like the freedom of being able to decide myself what it’s going to look like! If you want something like this on your own clothes but don’t know where to start – get in contact with me. We give lessons in both Hardinxveld and after 1 August also in Tilburg!

Lots of people find it difficult to buy clothes that are affordable and eco-friendly. Also lots of people just don’t know where to look for fair clothes. But slowly there are more shops coming in the Netherlands that sell these green brands! Komodo is one of my favorite brands because the clothes are simplistic but still unique, which I absolutely love. The skirt I bought has beautifull details on the pockets.

But 95 euros for a single skirt is still a lot, especially when you’re still a student and don’t have a job.

Traced the pattern of this very simple skirt. I decided to make a straight waist band instead of formed just because it is easier and doesn’t make a lot of a difference.

My main way of going around this is saving up, buying less and taking good care of my clothes. Of course if you make clothes yourself you can also save a lot of money. While the skirt from komodo has cost me 95,- (it had some discount to be honest so more around 75,-) the second one I made myself has cost me about 35,- of materials in pure Belgium linen plus one 24 meter skein embroidery yarn. And tracing one of your own clothes, which you know is perfectly fitting, is not that difficult to learn and doesn’t have to take a lot of time!


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