Craftersblock… And tips to get out of it!

There are days, yes even for me, that I don’t feel like crafting. When writers are stuck and can’t go on writing for a while you’ll call it a writersblock. Same is true for all crafts, there are just times when you don’t feel inspired. Craftersblock. This often leads to many unfinished projects….


In the last few weeks I’ve experienced this craftersblock. What do I want to make? Do I really want to start another project? Not really actually. But I also don’t want to work on my current projects… What I decided to do to get out of this craftersblock is to try out techniques which I haven’t tried out before. Irish lace was one of the technique that I’ve been wanting to try out for a very long time. So I went to youtube, picked out this tutorial and started crocheting.

Playing around using techniques I just learned. I used our yak/silk blend Yumi, this is however a quite difficult yarn to crochet with since it is so soft.
Now I kind of understood the basics so it was time to experiment! I’ve only just started so I don’t really have a lot to show yet. The grey curl was made from the tutorial and the white leaf and flower are improvised. I’ve made a normal magic loop to start the flower with 18 single crochets in the middle. Then I made my cord using the technique I just learned from the video and made 9 leaves by making 2sc, 2dc, 5ch, 2dc, 2sc and ending with a slip stitch in the second sc in the ring each time. I might write it down and make a sketch to make it easier to reproduce later!


I also picked up a project I started a while ago. Since the crop top we showed on the fair fashion festival Rotterdam was a success I wanted to make another one. This is one of my zen projects, which means it doesn’t require a lot of thinking. I recommend always having one zen project going on for if you want to craft while you are tired. This way you’ll avoid making mistakes in your more difficult projects. The worst feeling ever is when you discover the next day that you’ve done it all wrong and you have to start over….


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