Madder dyed wrist warmers and progress on irish lace! – Free 3 leaf clover crochet pattern below.

A couple of weeks ago a lovely woman I’ve met at the Tilburg Textile Museum ordered a custom pair of wrist warmers. I figured this would be a great time to talk about custom orders and if you want a pair of wrist warmers yourself how you can order them.


Since I just moved into my new house it took me almost 3 weeks to finish them but these are the results! She wanted a plain pair of madder dyed wrist warmers with a straight edge so she could embroider them herself. It takes me about 8 hours to make a pair of wrist warmers so I normally ask for 2 weeks time to make them, if I have multiple orders it may take a bit longer.


First you can choose which yarn you’d like. You can choose any Yumi or Hikaru yarn from our Etsy shop. The Yumi yarn is 50% yak and 50% silk and has more shine but is a bit less elastic. The Hikaru yarn is 20% cashmere and 80% merino and takes colors better, it is more elastic than the Yumi yarn. The wrist warmers on the pictures are made with the yarn Hikaru.


Here are some of the yarns, all Yumi, which are still available! Click on the picture to see more options.

If you are interested, just send me a message on Etsy or Facebook!

Wrist warmers in madder dyed Hikaru, including beads and a lace pattern.

Then you can choose the model you want. The plain wrist warmers on the first picture of this blog are 59,95 undyed with or without embroidery and dyed 64,95. If you want a lace pattern and/or beads the price goes up to either 64,95 or 69,95 depending on if the yarn is dyed.

Figuring out how to do this 3 leaf clover! I’ll be working on more patterns soon.

I’ve also been doing some other stuff in the last few weeks and have been experimenting a lot with my irish lace project. I’ve got these 2 books on irish lace but they’re both giving me a hard time! Not because they are difficult (which they also are by the way…) but because one is in french and one is in old english!

I ditched the french one because my french is hopeless but I tried to figure out the old english one. After I understood what they said I made a translation and step for step pictures! You can find the first result for free on my patreon here!


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