Lot’s of projects, so little time. Already preparing for FFF Utrecht!

School started again in the Netherlands, and I’m experiencing my first weeks in University studying Data Science. This is of course a fun new experience but also requires lots of time! I hope I can keep making 2 blogs per month but since I almost didn’t get anything done last week I might have to fall back to 1 per month…..

Sodasan, a wool wash I haven’t tried before. Trying it out on my freshly spun alpaca!
But still I have tried some things out this week and can also give you a little sneek peek about what one of the incoming blogs might be about! Remember that I wrote a blog about Ecover wool wash? I found this wool wash in my new home’s Ekoplaza (Ecological supermarket) and have tried it out a couple of times already. My first impression is quite positive. It seems to work very well (maybe even better then ecover!) and it doesn’t have to travel far since it comes from Germany. Although it also has some minus points already. It does contain limonene and it also smells like a particular kind of candy I used to eat when I was little. I will definitely make a more deep-going blog about this in the (near?) future. But I have to test it out a little more first.

The second front-piece is finished. We maybe will do the back a little bit different this time. I might even consider embroidering it!
I’ve also been working some more on a new top. The front of it is finished. The back will be made of fabric, like the first top. But probably of a different material, likely just a little bit of a different model and maybe even embroidered. This new top will be for sale for ecological brides searching for something unique! It can also be worn just as a normal top on casual clothes but was designed to be part of a wedding dress which you can also wear after your wedding!

These are some pictures of our last top which is in the same style as the one I’m working on now! Also a reminder that we participated on the Fair Fashion Festival Rotterdam and that we will be present at the Fair Fashion Festival Utrecht. What would you like to see in our part of the modeshow there?


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