Mohair colour block sweater – design and progress

I haven’t had any time at all to write in the last couple of weeks – but I did sneak in some time to relax and work on some projects. I wanted to work on my own collection for the winter and started a very nice colour block sweater.

My design for the sweater in watercolours. I used some of my new metallic watercolours in the picture to give it some more shine!

Since I wasn’t sure in which order I would do the colours I decided to visualize it first. I made a sketch and tried out the combination that was most appealing in watercolours to see how it would look like. I quite like the combination and decided that I am indeed going to do it this way!

First progress on the top-down sweater.

First I casted on my stitches for the collar. After 20 rows I knitted the next row together with my cast on row to make a double knitting. After that I started my increases.

First 25 grams of “angel” of Debbie Bliss used. I’ve put the stitches for the sleeves on some left-over thread.

Here you can see how much you can make out of 1 times 25 grams of “angel”. This is the name of this fabulous yarn and we are currently plant dyeing it in many beautiful natural colours. Since I am making a very oversized sweater I think I’ll need 5 – 6 bolls of “angel”, 2 bolls of each colours.


Here you can see the other 2 colours I’m going to use. The old rose colour was dyed in madder. The brown one in walnut. I would love to work more with greys but since this is a difficult colour to plant dye it will take some time to develop more of these yarns! The un-dyed yarn costs 9,90€ and the hand dyed yarn costs 12,50€


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