Weaving a new 100% handspun scarf – what’s next?

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately. How do I want to go on with my crafts? What do I want with what I make? What are my goals? A lot of questions and most of them still unanswered. I would like to make more of a collection of crafts that fit the same style and turn this “hobby” into something more professional.

One of the many unused skeins I have lying around, I want to use them so badly!

One question I did tackle is “What do I want with my handspun yarn?”. I tried some things out and realized that knitting or crocheting might now give the effect that I desire. Also it takes too much time and yarn. If I want to make something that’s still kind of affordable knitting or crocheting just does not the trick.



Remember this picture? This was the scarf I made just before the fair fashion festival Rotterdam. I’m planning on making more of these kind of scarfs/tops/sweaters. Click on the picture for the etsy listing!

Some time ago I made a woven scarf. Weaving takes considerably less time than knitting or crocheting and also less materials. The scarf took about 180 grams of yarn, while a knit scarf may take more than double of that.

The scarf I am working on now. I timed how much time it should take to finish it. I can weave around 20 cm in 30 minutes!

So I started first on a new scarf. This time 100% handspun baby alpaca, and a little bit bigger than the last one. I hope to finish this one soon and start on a top or sweater, also woven. I’m not sure which techniques or models I will make but I’ll figure it out! I want to keep everything as simple and pure as possible, maybe with a little bit of embroidery on it.


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